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Maintenance and upgrades.

Because Sapphire’s Electrical Distribution Products are of a modular construction, we are able to upgrade and change certain elements of the design. This means that modifications and the replacement of older equipment can be carried out on all sapphire products, on site with minimum disruption.

Our experienced site technicians and engineers have the capability to attend site to retro-fit ACB’s/MCCB’s and other associated switchgear components using our mobile copper cutting/bending machine and latest site equipment.

In addition to this we can also carry out a similar service to other manufacturers equipment.  As your power demands increase and upgrades are required, we can offer the most efficient and cost effective solutions available.

Periodic Planned Maintenance:

Preventative/Non Intrusive Maintenance Intrusive Maintenance Response Contracts
Visual Inspections Visual and Operating Checks Visual Inspections
Thermal Imaging Secondary Injection of ACB’s, MCCB’s and Protection Relays Thermal Imaging
Inspections and Cleaning of Safe to Access Compartments Torque Checking Bolts and Connections
Spare Parts/Components Ductor Testing across joints
Deep Clean, inside and external to the panel
Functional and Control Testing


Sapphire are very experienced in the oil and Gas industry and have a dedicated offshore team who hold all the relevant qualifications and certification to operate in this most demanding of industries .

Thermal Imaging

Fault detection and load testing are just two of the benefits of thermo graphic surveying, from Busbar joints to cable terminations, this has become the industries preferred method of avoiding failures which can lead to business disruption and down time.

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