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Modular Switch Boards

Modular Switch Boards

The modular designed steelwork used by Sapphire Controls has been constantly developed over the last fifty years and is widely available as a market leader in Europe and throughout the world.

Our modular designed switchboard can be tailor-made to meet the client’s exact specification.
Assembled from standard parts, this versatile system can be modified during production or even on-site to keep up with any last minute design changes.

The extremely rigid frame can be clad with either 1.5mm or 2.0mm steel covers and plates as required. The modular system also allows us to join two or more sections together enabling a larger cubicle for housing bulky protection devices or we can also manufacture into smaller sections to be able to deliver to site with tight access and switch room constraints.

Form Specification:
Standards: Built to BS EN / IEC 61439
Busbars: Up to 6000 Amp Type Tested by KEMA and IPH (ASTA Equivalent)
Fault Level: Either 50KA/1 Second or 100KA/1 Second
Form of Separation: The standard switchboards are built to Form 4-5 and 4-6 All forms are available on request.
Access: Front or Rear Access Cableways
Colour: The Switchboard is finished in Polyester Powder Paint With a final thickness of 60 – 80 microns. The standard colour is RAL 7032 but all colours are available on request.
Standard Outgoing ways: Up to 250 Amp MCCB, 1 Module High Cubicle (9 per section)
Up to 630 Amp MCCB, 1.5 Modules High Cubicle (6 per section)
Up to 1000 Amp MCCB, 3 Modules High Cubicle (3 per section)
Thermal Imaging Capability

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