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Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres

Using our modular design we can design, manufacture, test and install MCC’s as part of our product range. The motor control centres we produce are available with fixed or with-drawable starters up to 160KW, intelligent motor start systems, PLC or interfaced controlled and soft start application

Key specifications:

  • Cubicalised Construction
  • Forms 1 to 4 Type 7
  • 50 – 80KA 1 Second Fault Rating
  • Type 2 Co-ordinated
  • Withdrawable Drives Up to 160KW
  • KEMA Certified (ASTA Equivalent) Up to 6000A
  • Intelligent Motor Starters
  • P.L.C Controlled or Interfaced
  • Soft Start Applications
  • IP54 Ingress Protection
  • Thermal Imaging Capability


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