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Package Sub Stations

Package Sub Stations

The Package Substation has a HV transformer directly coupled to the main switchboard, thus forming an integral part of the switchgear line up giving a complete technical and cosmetic solution. The transformers LV windings are protected by thermistor temperature control and restricted earth fault protection as part of the inter-trip circuit with upstream HV protection. The complete designed package is fully engineered to meet current BS EN/IEC standards. The entire unit can be installed on site very quickly by our experienced operatives and tested ready for the contractor to terminate to. This product is a very neat and effective engineering solution for almost any installation.

Key specifications:

  • 11KV—400V
  • Cast Resin/Oil/Fully Encapsulated Transformers
  • Transformer Enclosures Natural or Forced Ventilated with Castell Interlocking
  • 11KV Isolators Vacuum/SF6.
  • Up To 4MVA 6000A Type Tested Capability

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