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System Integrated PDU's

System Integrated PDU’s

At Sapphire Controls we offer a range of Power Distribution Boards from standard tiers with MCB’s wired to terminals to sophisticated options of power conditioning and monitoring.
Our free standing or wall mounting Power Distribution Unit’s are either manufactured to suit individual customer requirements or can be selected from a range of standard designs that have been tested and proved by installation.

Key Specifications:

  • Floor Standing or Wall Mounted Cubicalised Construction
  • Single Incomer or Duty/Standby Incomer with Short Break or No Break Changeovers
  • Integrated Static Switch available complete with Bypass Facility
  • Integrated Isolation Transformer available complete with Bypass Facility
  • Integral Integrated Pan Assemblies for MCB’s wired to separate terminals chamber
  • Surge Suppression can be included
  • All types of Metering/Monitoring available dependant on customer requirements for total PDU monitoring, individual Pan Assembly monitoring or Final Circuit Monitoring
  • PDU Alarms can include Incoming Supply Status, MCCB Status, MCB Status, Static Switch Alarms, Isolation Transformer Temperature Alarms, Door Status, PDU Temperature and more
  • Option for integral PLC for remote control of the PDU (Via stand alone system or connected via RS485/Ethernet to BMS, EMS, SCADA)
  • Option for integral Hardware for remote monitoring of Metering, Alarms and Control Status of the PDU(Via stand alone system or connected via RS485/Ethernet to BMS, EMS, SCADA, Web Pages via LAN or WAN using web browsers)
  • Option to include HMI Touch screen
  • Thermal Imaging Capability

Wiring access to the base of the PDU can be gained by fitting an under floor plinth. This plinth if required can be fitted with mounts for the support of false floor tiles.

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